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EPS Files and why you should keep them

June 21, 2012

Often times I come across a client who says, “I can’t open that .eps file.” or “What do I do with this file?”

.EPS files are encapsulated postscript files and if created in a program called Illustrator give you the ability to make your file as large or as small as you need without losing any quality.

Your business logo should have been created in a vector based program like Illustrator and you should receive your logo in different formats: .eps, .jpg and .png. These three files give you flexibility.

Use the .eps file to send to your printer or graphic designer or promotional person. They want this file, even if you can’t open it.

Use .jpg files for in-house usage or for the web. Some designers will save .jpg files in cmyk and if they do, you probably won’t be able to open it.

Use .png files for in-house usage or on the web anytime you do not want to have a “white box” around your logo and instead want it to sit on a color background.

PDF files are becoming a norm as well so don’t overlook that.